Welcome to the Land of Stories


Here at the LandOfStories.ca we explore the heritage of stories which are told in the land of Nanabozho. The supernatural Nanabozho character goes by various names depending upon region and culture, however, many traditional stories are wrapped around very similar story lines, indicating that those story elements are likely very old. Variations on the name Nanabozho (Anishinaabe) are Nanabush (English), Nanabijou (Fran├žais), Weesakayjac (Cree), Wenabozho, etc. Here is a discussion of those language variations.


We also offer some resources associated with some projects which we are supporting.

Walk-a-Mile Film Project

The Walk-a-Mile Film Project is a project of the city of Thunder Bay to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal Peoples and the rest of the community.

Official information can be found on the city's page for the Walk A Mile Film Project - official page.

Our contribution can be found at our Walk-a-Mile Film Project discussion.

Historical Timeline

We are attempting to prototype an historical timeline from an Indigenous perspective in order to encourage discussion. And here you can follow our historical timeline prototyping.